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what is RC3?

Relationship-Centered Child Care® or RC is not a curriculum nor does it use the traditional "ages and stages" approach to working with young children. Instead, it is an operating system—the practical application of a body of knowledge that has profound implications for all children. RC3 has been practiced for over 30 years in ChildCareGroup's child development centers.


  • Children are cared for in mixed-age, family groups by a constant caregiver.
  • Home-like environments are designed to respond to the learning styles of young children and their specific needs for nurturing.
  • Trained staff, an early education curriculum, low staff:child ratios, and small group sizes are in place to foster each child's individual developmental needs.


  • Independent research conducted by experts confirmed that Relationship-Centered Child Care makes a lasting, positive difference in children's lives.
  • As millions of children spend more of their waking hours with caregivers than with their parents, society must recognize the powerful influence early childhood experiences have on a young child's life. RC3 is proven to give children the secure foundation necessary to mature into moral, ethical young adults.


  • Research shows that early experiences are the architects of the child's brain.
  • A growing number of professionals studying the state of child care in America have concluded that children who spend long hours away from home in non-caring environments are more likely to become non-caring adults.
  • 70% of all preschoolers have mothers in the workforce.
  • 57% of new mothers return to work before their babies' first birthday.

Who Cares?

Our Funders

  • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, with whom we have been a partner agency for over 80 years.
  • Head Start of Greater Dallas, with whom we are a delegate agency.
  • Early Head Start, with whom we are a grantee.
  • WorkSource for Dallas County, who provided funding for RC3 training for Designated Vendors of the Child Care Assistance program to continue their commitment to improve the quality of child care service in Dallas county.
  • ExxonMobil Foundation, A. L. Mailman Family Foundation, Fidelity Foundation, Horchow Family Trust, Kimberley-Clark Foundation, among others, who have provided funding to develop and produce RC3 materials and training.

 Our Partners

  • Dallas Bethlehem Center, Bryan's House and Uplift Hampton Prep, with whom we collaborate to operate a child development program.
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