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RC3 Products These one-of-a-kind RC3® materials are a unique and complete operating system for center-based infant/toddler and preschool programs. RC# Model & Sales
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Relationship-Centered Child Care® (RC) is a revolutionary child care model developed by ChildCareGroup (CCG) in the mid-70's.

RC3 has been practiced for more than 30 years in CCG's child development centers. It focuses on child care in the context of what it means for a young child to spend long hours every day away from his or her family.

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What is RC3?

RC3 is not a curriculum . . . it is an operating system . . . For more information, click below.

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RC3 Training Opportunities

Providing good child care is your business. It's also ours. For a description of different training opportunties, click below.

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RC3 Products

These one-of-a-kind materials are all the tools needed to adopt RC3 into your program. They were prepared by the leadership staff of ChildCareGroup . . . Click below to read more about our products.

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