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We offer additional services to families who have children with special needs and disabilities.

If you have met all other requirements to receive Child Care Assistance (CCA), or if your child attends a CCA-contracted child care provider, you may qualify to receive additional benefits if your child:

  • attends a public school elementary program for any special needs,
  • receives services from an Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Program, or
  • has been identified by a professional as having a physical, mental, or emotional condition limiting what he or she is able to do.

The following services may be available through our program:

  • Child care assistance for your child through 18 years of age.
  • Technical support and consultation on appropriate care practices to the child care provider you choose for your child.
  • Upon recommendations by a professional, we may be able to provide:
    • Adaptive equipment and materials on loan to the child care provider.
    • A higher reimbursement rate to the provider for additional staff to meet the child's needs.


The purpose of Inclusive Child Care Services for children with disabilities is to create supportive child care environments for children with disabilities and their families and to provide technical support to Child Care Assistance (CCA) providers.


Major Objectives:

  • Supporting CCA child care providers in their efforts to include children with disabilities.
  • Developing care environments which promote development of children with disabilities.
  • Promoting positive parent interactions with the CCA providers.
  • Providing placement options and parent choices for child care.
  • Utilizing community resources.
  • Increasing parent participation in planning and decision making.
  • Collaborating with other agencies providing services to children with disabilities.

How do parents of a child with disabilities access Inclusion Services?
The first step for parents is to determine if they qualify for financial help through Child Care Assistance (CCA). Click here to apply.

What is the TWC definition of disability?
Children having functional needs (major life activity) requiring assistance in performing tasks that are within the typical chronological range of development, including, but not limited to: movement of large and/or small muscles, learning, talking communicating, self-help, social, emotional, seeing, hearing, and breathing.

NOTE: This definition is based on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

When does the inclusion process begin?
The inclusion process can begin when CCA has received the necessary documentation of the child's disability, signed parent authorizations for obtaining information about the child, and for observing the child in the child care facility.

The inclusion process can include:

  • Observing the child in the child care setting.
  • Developing an initial action plan to address immediate or urgent needs, if needed.
  • Scheduling a planning meeting that includes the parent(s) or guardian, child care facility caretaker/staff, Inclusion Specialist, and any others the parent would like to be present. At this time, the observation report will be reviewed, and the final inclusion plan will be developed to be used by the child care provider.
  • Conducting periodic monitoring and update visits.
  • Revising the inclusion plan annually, or as necessary.

What is an Inclusion Plan?
An Inclusion Plan is a written action plan for child care services for a child with a disability. Inclusion plans are based on recommendations made by a TWC-approved professional who has assessed the child's developmental needs. The child's care must be consistent with their Inclusion Plan. Each child's Inclusion Plan will vary according to the number and type of goals identified and the number and type of activities that occur while the child is at the facility.

Team work

Throughout the process, the parent(s) or guardian, child care facility staff, and Inclusion Specialist work as a team to benefit the child. Community resources and collaboration are also utilized whenever possible. For additional services, click here to link to Easter Seals-North Texas website.

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